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Training as restorer

For more than 30 years, the state-acknowledged Professional Academy for Restorers (FAK) of the Goering Institute in Munich conveys to its students both its rich experience as well as the latest results of research in the field of restoration and conservation.
Interested individuals with intermediate-level school education can enrol at our school to be trained in the profession of restorer and to acquire the university entrance qualification.

Our professional academy places particular importance on applied practical restoration skills which accounts for approximately fifty percent of the training as restorer, and therefore this training component is more important than it is at other institutions.

The amended school rules now allow secondary school graduates who serve a practical term of one year only to receive the school entrance qualification.

Under certain preconditions, potential students may apply for a scholarship at Goering Institute e.V.

Students can also acquire the Bachelor Degree in cooperation with the University of Technology and Economy in Berlin.

The gazette "Kopf und Hand" (pdf with 3.8 MB) contains further information regarding this training and the restorer profession and our professional academy.

Studies begin in September.

All lessons are held in the German language.

About the lessons:

Pflichtfächer (ger)

Lehrbeispiele (ger)